Advice and Support to Software Products

At Fonseca Advisers, we are business partners and allies in service of product lines from Boyum IT for SAP Business One, such as:

*We do not sell the license of these software titles, but we can connect you with our business partners.

Our solutions in Advice and Support to Software Products:

Enhanced Support

We provide advice, support and customization with a much faster response through remote connection, at lower cost and with guaranteed work, this will allow you to improve workflows without having to rely solely on the support team of your software provider and its prolonged response times.

Soporte Avanzado Fonseca Advisers

Application Personalization

We enter the environment of your product or software and customize the interface and / or control the workflow in such a way that it is easy, practical and to your liking. This will finally allow you to have a more enjoyable and agile user experience. 

Additionally, we create and customize dashboard with B1 UP with integrated boards or BEAS with dashboards through web interface. 

Personalización de aplicaciones

System Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Control

We help you integrate systems with machinery monitoring including alarms, outages, data management and remote management through BEAS.

This will allow you to obtain information such as:

    • Time entries.
    • Quality control measurements.
    • Outages.
    • Maintenance related information directly in BEAS. 

In addition, we can send commands from BEAS directly to these systems.

Bidirectional communication can also be done via a customized user interface.


Implementations and Enhancements

We advise you throughout the process of implementing these products. Also, in case you already have them, we perform an analysis of how to improve the processes to make them more efficient and effective. When there is a failure in the system configuration, we provide advice and support for the optimization and improvement of the system.