Asesoría y Soporte a Productos de Software

Advice and Support to Software Products

We are business partners and allies in service of product lines from Boyum IT for SAP Business One.

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation from the application of software and hardware technology to machines or equipment through which human actions are emulated in high-volume processes or tasks, or with a repetitive pattern.


SAP Business One

Unlock the potential of your small or medium-sized enterprise with SAP Business One, the comprehensive ERP solution designed to streamline your operations and drive growth.

BEAS Advanced Manufacturing Solution for SAP Business One

BEAS Manufacturing provides manufacturers with a scalable platform to enhance cross-company collaboration and process execution, with a view to improving operational performance, increasing asset reliability, maintaining quality enforcement, providing consumer traceability, and improving BOM agility.


Produmex WMS

Produmex WMS for SAP Business One streamlines warehouse operations with real-time visibility, improved inventory accuracy, and efficient order fulfillment. Enhance productivity and reduce errors with advanced barcode scanning, batch and serial number tracking, and robust reporting capabilities.

Perfion PIM

Perfion PIM centralizes all your product data, ensuring accuracy and efficiency across your business. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems, enhance productivity, and provide a superior customer experience with this user-friendly, scalable solution.