Business Process Automation

At Fonseca Advisers, we work in business process automation from the application of software and hardware technology to machines or equipment through which human actions are emulated in high-volume processes or tasks, or with a repetitive pattern.

Our solutions for Business Process Automation:

Interconnection of Machines

We communicate your machinery through technological networks that exchange and analyze data without requiring human interaction with possibilities to internet connection (IoT), combining computers, sensors and networks to monitor and control different devices.

Implementation of New Equipment

Implementation of technologies ranging from a small induction sensor to industrial robotic arms or custom designed machines to enhance production processes and reduce costs.

Smart Manufacturing

We focus on developing strategies for machines or equipment that you already have implemented in your company, with the purpose of optimizing production and operation processes.

We take care of the collection of information, analysis and presentation of data of your machines:


    • Identify business inefficiencies or know the performance of your equipment or machines and take corrective actions.

    • Seek innovative solutions in the area of performance of equipment or machines.